On Saturday September 5, please join the first ever “BIG BLUE DRIVE!” Due the public health imperatives arising from SARS-CoV-2, we have organized a motor vehicle parade in support of our local Democratic candidates with whom we stand in solidarity for our shared values… choice, education, workers rights, justice, equality, sensible foreign and state policy, safe schools, science, honesty and sane government.


The “Drive” will be through Zion, Benton, Newport and Warren Townships. It will begin at the Zion Jewel parking lot located at 1400 21st Street at 11:00 am.

We are asking people to come out and wave as we are passing through an area either you live in or can go to view the parade from. There are a number of good viewing spots with parking to maintain social distancing. This is such an important election year and it has been difficult time campaigning due to covid. This is a way we can give the candidates/elected officials a chance to be seen and generate excitement about this event. We will have 20-25 cars and a flatbed in the parade.

Participants include Congressman Brad Schneider, Congresswoman Lauren Underwood, State Rep Rita Mayfield, State Rep Joyce Mason, State Rep Sam Yingling, Lake County Clerk of the Circuit Court Erin Cartwright Weinstein, Lake County Clerk Robin O’Connor, Lake County Sheriff John Idleburg, Lake County Treasurer Holly Kim, County Board Commissioner Diane Hewitt, County Board Candidates Carissa Casbon and Gina Roberts, Lake County States Attorney Candidate Eric Rinehart, Lake County Coroner Candidate Jennifer Banek, and others.

Below is a map that outlines our route. We will be starting in Zion at 11am and estimate we will be in Beach Park by about 11:20am. Then we will go to Wadsworth (Newport Township) by about 11:40am through Wadsworth to Warren Township by about noon.

If you have any questions or if you need some specific information on where to park along the route, send an email to info@warrentownshipdemocrats.com