Democratic Values

Fighting for Democrats and Making a Difference

The Democratic Party stands for the interests of working families, equal rights and justice for all Americans. It is these values which bind us together as a group. Together we help like minded Democratic candidates to win office and go on to fight for these values. It is gratiying to realize the change this brings. That is why we are activists.

Progressive Income Tax

Illinois is a wonderful place to live but it is no secret that our budget remains an ongoing problem. A progressive income tax will make a tremendous difference towards making Illinois solvent once again. Opponents argue that increasing the tax rate of the wealthy will drive them out and stiffle business. California enacted a progressive income tax and they are enjoying fiscal solvency through increased economic activity. There was no out migration. In general, the wealthy benefit more by having a functioning distribution system, educated workforce, decreased crime, etc. It is logical and necessary for them to pay an increased share of the costs.

Gun Safety

The stunning rise in mass casualty attacks forms a Jupiter sized call for making changes to our very permissive gun laws. There is a reason that mass casualty attackers use assault rifles with high capacity clips: these weapons are effective in killing many people in a short amount of time. When the 2nd Ammendment was written, gun technology consisted only of single shot black powder muskets. The framers did not have to contemplate assualt weapons and there were no mass casualty attacks at schools, churches and theatres. There is room for modern, common sense changes to our laws.

The Democratic Party stands for the interests of working families, equal rights and justice for all Americans.

Funding Education

A civil society does its utmost to extend educational opportunity to ALL of its people. Education is necessary for our state and our nation to be competitive. It is also quite true that there simply is not enough brain trust among the wealthy to power our economy into the future. We also sincerely value our teachers. Serving as an educator is one of the most significant contributions a person can make. We are honored by the work they do, both directly in our own lives and the vital role they play. We believe that education must be adequately funded. No less.